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Bao Nguyen Research Group


Our group is interested in understanding mechanisms of catalytic processes and improving/optimising the application of these processes in both academia and industry. The research is highly collaborative and focuses on the interdisciplinary interface between Physical/Organic/Process Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. The current research themes in the group include CO2 utilisation in high value chemical manufacture, studies of metal catalysed coupling reactions using state-of-the-art physical and analytical techniques, and applications of synchrotron-based techniques in mechanistic studies of homogeneous catalytic reactions.

We have a funded PhD studentship for 2019.

We also have MChem projects in Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry and Green Chemistry for 2019-2020. Please contact Dr Bao Nguyen for details.


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A manuscript from Rachel Nicholls and James McManus on the mechanism of base-catalysed reductive amination of CO2 under mild conditions...


Our recent Chemical Science paper on Ullmann-Goldberg reaction has been highlighted as an important publication by the pretigious industrial panel...


A new paper is published by Dr Morales-Serna (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa) in Synthesis, outlining our collaborative work on a glycosylation...


Rosalie Hamill, Samuel Boobier, Erwin Maters and Sophie Robinson joined the group.