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We have an exciting summer UG project titled 'The Bare Necessities'. For further details, please email b.nguyen@leeds.ac.uk.

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Our group is interested in understanding mechanisms of catalytic processes and improving/optimising the application of these processes in both academia and industry. The research is highly collaborative and focuses on the interdisciplinary interface between Physical/Organic/Process Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. The current research themes in the group include organic synthesis on water, applications of AI and Machine Learning to chemical science, studies of metal catalysed coupling reactions using state-of-the-art physical and analytical techniques, and CO2 utilisation in high value chemical manufacture.


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Alison McCorry (PhD), Antonia Feilden (MChem) and Connor Sherwin (MChem) joins the group in September 2019.


Marc Short joins the group on July 2019 on a PhD project which will develop catalyst design tools based on...


Dr Nguyen gave an invited lecture on Homogeneous Catalysis: From Academia to Industry at the International School of Organometallic Chemistry...


Congratulations to Dr Thomas Dent, who passed his viva on 05/07/2019.